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Principal Route
Principal Route

Champlain Bikeway around the Lake - East, North Bound Principle Route

Whitehall, NY to Chambly, Québec

Mile Point

0.0 Skenesboro Museum - southern most point of Champlain Bikeway.
0.2 Turn R at blinking light and cross bridge over canal.
0.3 Turn L after crossing bridge on North Williams St.
1.1 Turn L at County Rt. 9 sign onto County Rt. 10 (Start of Alternate 1E)
4.3 Turn L staying on County Rt.10
6.9 Cross Poultney River into VT and stay straight on Book Rd.
9.0 Turn R on Main Rd. in West Haven
10.4 Turn L on Stage Road (unpaved for 2.3 miles)
14.3 Benson and Benson Landing - General Store
14.7 Pavement ends until Rt 22A (6.3 miles)
20.3 Turn R on Cook Rd.
21.0 Turn L on Rt 22A heading north
21.6 Turn L on Rt 73 - Orwell is to the right 0.3 miles - store - nice village.
22.0 Turn R staying on Rt 73 - Mt. Independence Historic Site is 5 miles straight ahead.
27.5 Turn R on Rt 74 (Ferry to Ticonderoga is to the left 0.5 miles at Larabee's Point
29.9 Bear L staying on Rt 74
32.2 Turn L on Watch Point Rd - unsigned but just before Shoreham
33.4 Pavement ends (4.6 miles unpaved)
34.8 Turn R on Lake Rd (Unsigned)
39.9 Pass Crown Point Road on right
41.3 Bear R
41.6 Stay on Lake Rd by bearing left at Middle Rd.
43.9 Turn L on Rt 125 (End Alternate 1E)
46.9 Turn R on Rt 17 (Bridge & Chimney Point State Historic Site straight ahead)
48.1 John Strong Mansion
49.1 Bear L on Lake St at West Addison General Store
54.9 Bear R on Pease Road
55.9 Bear L on Jersey St. at the end of Pease Rd.
56.5 Panton - general store on the left
57.1 Bear L on Button Bay Rd.
59.8 Turn R on Basin Harbor Rd. (Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is 0.5 miles to the left)
64.3 Turn L on Panton Rd. at the end of Panton Rd.
65.4 Turn L on Water St. at the Goodrich plant and go down hill.
65.6 Bear R - park and view of falls to the left
65.8 Turn L on Rt 22A at the big white building and cross bridge.
65.9 Vergennes - turn L on McDonough St. at the blinking light half way up the hill.
66.0 At bottom of hill bear right on Comfort Hill Rd. - turns into Botsford Rd.
68.4 Turn R on Little Chicago Rd. (Stay straight 3.2 miles to Kingsland Bay State Park)
69.3 Turn L on Rt 7 north - Ferrisburg.
70.7 Turn L just after Rokerby Museum on Greenbush Rd. (Start of Alternate 2E)
74.9 Stay on Greenbush Rd by bearing R up hill at Thompson Pt. Rd.
76.8 Charlotte - turn L at Old Brick Store on Ferry Rd.
77.8 Turn R on Lake Rd. (ferry to Essex, NY is 0.7 miles straight ahead)
81.0 Turn L on Greenbush Rd.
84.5 Go straight at light at Rt 7 onto Marsett Rd. (Shelburne Museum is on the left)
84.9 Turn left at 4 way stop sign onto Mt. Philo Rd.
85.7 Shelburne - turn R on Rt 7
86.1 Turn R on Webster Rd.
87.3 Turn L on Spear St.
90.2 Turn L on Deerfield Dr.
90.3 Turn R on bike path
91.0 Turn L on public road at condominiums
91.1 Turn L on bike path
91.3 Bear L down hill
92.1 Turn R through Farrell Park and follow path through parking lot.
92.3 Turn L on Swift St.and immediately right on Farrell St.
92.6 Bear L on bike path on left side of road
92.9 Cross Shelburne Rd. onto Home Ave
93.8 Turn R on bike path
94.0 Go through Oakledge Park parking lot
96.2 Burlington Waterfront - Ferry to Port Kent, NY.
101.1 Bridge across Winooski River
101.5 Leave Delta Park and follow marking through neighborhood
102.1 Airport Park - Turn R on Colchester Point Rd. - turn left to go to the Causeway
102.7 Stay straight at intersection with Porters Point Rd
104.6 Malletts Bay - pass Prim Road on right
105.7 Turn R into park and follow bike path signs through several neighborhoods.
107.1 Exit path - Turn L on Leclair Dr.
107.1 Turn R on Oak Creek Rd.
107.1 Turn L on Rt 7
110.3 Turn L on Rt 2
115.4 Cross Causeway to Lake Champlain Islands
117.4 Turn L on Landon Rd. (Start of Alternate 3E)
118.2 Head straight on Landon Rd. at East Shore Rd.
119.1 Turn L on South St
119.8 Turn R on West Shore Rd (5.8 miles unpaved)
125.6 Continue straight on Rt 314
126.3 Ferry to Plattsburgh, NY (Ed Weed Fish Culture Station on R)
127.3 Bear L on West Shore Rd. after golf course.
129.5 Bear R on Mocasin Rd. which becomes Griswold Rd.
132.0 Cross Rt 2 onto East Shore Rd.
133.0 Turn L at intersection of Faywood Rd and East Shore Rd
133.3 Unpaved section for 1.4 miles
134.7 Turn R on Rt 2 (End of Alternate 3E)
144.3 Cross draw bridge (Caution - steel grate and drains)
144.5 Turn L on Rt 129 toward Isle La Motte
147.3 Bear R to Alburg at bridge to Isle La Motte (Start & end of Alternate 4E)
151.7 Turn L to Alburg at Rt.2
153.5 Turn R on Rt 225 to the border. (Bridge to NY is 2.8 miles L on Rt.2)
154.9 US/Canadian Border - continue on Rt. 225
159.0 Noyan - cross Rt.202 - Lacolle is 2.2 miles to L
173.0 Sabrevois - Turn L on Rt.133.
173.3 Turn R on MTEE Meunier towards St. Alexandre
174.4 Turn L on Rg Grand-Sabrevois following Vineoble des Pins signs
177.7 Turn L on MTEE Bertrand
178.7 Turn R on Rt 133 (CAUTION - HEAVY TRAFFIC)
179.2 Turn L on Rue Joseph-Albert-Morin (was Ave Fredette)
179.7 Turn R on Rue Petit and cross foot bridge in 3 blocks - becomes Bellervieve
182.4 Turn R on 2nd Ave. - 2 blocks later turn L on 1re Rue
182.5 Two blocks later turn L on 5e Ave to cross bridge
182.6 St Jean sur Richelieu - Pont Gouin
183.0 Enter canal pathway at southwest corner of bridge
185.2 Cross Pont Pierre Dugee - access to Rt. 223 to the left
188.0 Bridge - access to Rt.223 (Jean Talon) to the left
192.7 Turn R into paved parking lot and go through it.
192.9 Turn R on street.
193.2 Fort Chambly, Chambly Quebec - northern most point of Champlain Bikeway

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